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Do you shout “FORE”? Are you legally obligated to?
by on March 22, 2011

Slices, hooks, flubs. It’s happened to the best of us, and we even see it happen with the pros.  What usually accompanies that slice or hook is a yell of “FORE” to warn you of the errant shot heading your way.  We all know it is common courtesy and proper golf etiquette to yell fore, but are we legally obligated to do it?

Back in 2002, friends Dr. Anoop Kapoor and … Read More

Who is Darryn?
by on December 31, 2009

Hey everyone. I figured as my first post I should do a little introduction to who I am, and why I write on this blog.  I can’t really remember the first time I played golf. I’ve been playing since I was little. My dad was, and still is, an avid golfer, so I guess I have him to blame for all of this.  The golf genes don’t stop there, as … Read More

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