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Province Golf Classic Tournament Rules 2009
by on October 2, 2009

As in any golf tournament, the rules will vary. At the Province Golf Classic 2009, upon registering in the morning everyone is provided with a copy of the day’s rules. I managed to keep my copy and I am going to posting pictures of the rules for you to read for yourself. Click the images to enlarge.

Hello Province Golf Classic Tournament Sem-Final Participants!

Newlands Tournament Rules:

Qualifying … Read More

Province Golf Classic Semi-Final Tournament Results
by on October 1, 2009

So remember when I last mentioned that I qualified to play in the Province Golf Classic (don’t forget the 2 for 1 card) Semi-Final at Newlands Golf Course in Langley? Well, the tournament has come and gone, and I had a fantastic time. Let’s recap how the day went for me, shall we?

Fall Is Here: It’s Cold at 6:30AM Now!

I arrived at 6:30AM to check into the event. … Read More

Province Golf Classic Tournament at Newlands Golf and Country Club
by on September 19, 2009

So remember when I wrote about the Province Golf Classic 2 for 1 Card? Well, part of entering your scores each week makes you eligible for weekly prizes. More importantly, the best 40 men’s and best 12 women’s scores will be automatically entered to play in the Province Golf Classic year end 18 hold tournament.

212 Randomly Selected Players Will Join The Top 52 Players

Even if you’re entering scores that are … Read More

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