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Province Golf Classic Semi-Final Tournament Results

by on October 1st, 2009

So remember when I last mentioned that I qualified to play in the Province Golf Classic (don’t forget the 2 for 1 card) Semi-Final at Newlands Golf Course in Langley? Well, the tournament has come and gone, and I had a fantastic time. Let’s recap how the day went for me, shall we?

Fall Is Here: It’s Cold at 6:30AM Now!

I arrived at 6:30AM to check into the event. Each player was given their lunch ticket and a package containing the rules for the tournament. We also had to pay $20 cash–no credit card or debit options are available.

I was setup to start on the 18th hole and my group included only two others. One person is designated the scorekeeper and is responsible for keeping score for all of the players in the group. OH, by the way, pull carts are complimentary for the tournament on a first come, first serve basis.

Newlands Golf Course is In Pretty Good Shape

Newlands is definitely in pretty good shape, and the course played very well. As for myself, how did I fare? Well, I didn’t have the greatest game and shot 103 (with my Srixon Soft Feel balls). My playing partners shot similar scores as me too. But here’s the thing. The tournament uses the Waldorf Scoring System, which calculates your “net” score based on how well you did on individual holes (rated by difficulty).

After the morning round and before lunch, all the scores are entered into a computer by an outsourced scorekeeping team and they calculate the scores. After being given “strokes”, my final net “score” was 68, ranking me in a tie for 13th out of 50 players! 🙂

In fact, since I “shot” 68, I also qualified for the Final, which takes place on Sunday, October 6th. The tournament starts at 12:30PM sharp and registration will be at 10:30AM. It’s going to be a fantastic day!

Here are the scores/results of the Province Golf Classic Semi-Final Tournament:

photo photo 2

These results were published in The Province newspaper. Good luck to all the finalists and see you on Sunday!

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