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Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball Review 2010

by on September 2nd, 2010

Does a golf ball really make a difference when it comes to your golf game? If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t seem that way. But if you’re a seasoned “hacker” you’ll start to notice the difference.

For myself, after hacking away for a few years now, I’ve managed to get a grip on the swing fundamentals and actually control my shots. I tested some new balls here and there, such as the Srixon Soft Feels, but other than that I’ve been playing the “rocks” known as Top Flytes from Costco. These balls are cheap–and they can affect your game.

So when I took the opportunity to visit a Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge at the Golf Town in Richmond, I really wanted to see if the numbers would tell a different story. Will my wicked slice off the tee be solved by using a different ball?

So when Ryan from Tournament Sports, the official Canadian dealer of Bridgestone products in Canada help set me up for tests, I was quite amazed at what new ball technology can do.

I showed up with my Callaway Hyper X driver, and hit half a dozen shots with the Srixon Soft Feels. After analyzing the data, Ryan concluded that my slice produced some wicked sidespin. The new e6 series ball from Bridgestone is made to counter your slice and he recommended that I try this next.

So, up comes the e6 and half a dozen swings later, the results below summarize what everyone should believe: ball technology can impact your game. My ball spin decreased by more than 200%, and I was hitting the ball further. The core of the e6 allows the ball to stay on the club head of your driver longer–allowing for longer time spent on that sweet spot, resulting in a straighter drive

That’s great that the numbers don’t lie–but how about real world testing? I went out to test the new e6 balls (thanks to a few samples from Ryan) at Fraserview Golf Course, one of the nice Vancouver Parks Board golf courses in the city. Golfing with my compadre Danny, my final score was 95–I was able to break the century mark with the e6!

My shots were definitely straighter off the tee using my Nickent 4dx 3 wood, and chipping around the green was improved. I’m sold. My next golf conquest will be Northlands in North Vancouver and Semiahmoo in Blaine, WA. I will be packing Bridgestone e6 balls in my bag. Thanks to Ryan for explaining what golf ball technology can do to fix and help your game!

Maybe I was just on my game that day, but I’m going to give more time to the Bridgestone e6 golf balls. They helped my wicked slice so I’m eager to give them another try.

I’ll have videos coming soon of the Ball Fitting Challenge.

What golf balls are you playing right now?

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