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Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge at Golf Town

by on August 11th, 2010

Are you trying to find that “perfect” golf ball? If you’ve been trying lots of balls and can’t pick the right one, then you should attend one of the Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge sessions at your local Golf Town.

I’m attending a session on Friday, August 13th at the Golf Town in Richmond. Here’s what the Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge is all about:

Are you playing the right ball for your game?
Choosing the right golf ball for your game can make a dramatic difference in your performance on the golf course. For you to best harness the advanced science and research available today, we invite you to take the “Bridgestone Golf Challenge” and discover the best ball for you.

Bringing the Tour Experience to You!
Take your game to the next level by participating in the Bridgestone Challenge. As with club fitting, ball fitting can guide you to a golf ball that maximizes your performance from tee to green through optimizing your ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates.

Using a sophisticated computer system, the Science Eye, allows us to enhance your performance in a complimentary session. Take the Bridgestone Challenge and find the ball that fits your game!

The Fitting Process
With your driver, you will hit a series of shots with your current golf ball of choice.
Based on your ball flight characteristics, the technician will confirm you are playing the right ball or recommend a Bridgestone/Precept ball that better suits your game.
After Hitting a series of shots with the recommended ball you will be given a side-by-side comparison of all data allowing you to determine which ball can maximize your performance with your driver.

You will hit a series of shots with a mid to short iron with both golf balls.
After hitting the shots you will be able to compare launch angle, spin rates and distance to have a better understanding of how the ball performs going into a green.

I’m excited to see how this works out on Friday. I’ll be sure to keep everyone here updated!

Click here to learn more about the Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge!

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