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Cleveland CG14 Wedge Review, 56 and 60 Degrees–Golf Town 2 for $150 Special

by on August 21st, 2011

If you’re looking for new wedges, this is the time to pick up some fantastic deals at Golf Town. Currently they have a special where you can get any two Cleveland CG14 wedges, for $150.

Originally I picked up a new 56 degree wedge on sale for $98, then a couple weeks later I saw the 2 for $150 special. Golf Town support responded that it wouldn’t be a problem for me to bring back my receipt and have them match the difference for my second wedge. How could I resist? So I ended up picking up a 60 degree, to update my wedges in my bag. Let’s take a closer look these wedges, shall we?

Cleveland CG14 56 Degree Wedge: Standard Bounce, Black Pearl

This wedge debuted in the Fall of 2007, and even though it’s 2011 the technology for this club is still used by many pros and amateurs alike. This was the first wedge to use the new visco-elastic, vibration-damping material (that yellow insert), placed right behind the clubface in the cavity back. This apparent Gelback insert is supposed to remove any unwanted vibration on mis-hits to be a more forgiving club, yet providing good feedback for the player.

After using an older CG10 wedge, I found the CG14 to immediately feel much better in my hands. The club is weighted differently, and is better balanced making a swing of the club more automatic.

It felt great around the green for chip shots, and the new ‘ZIP’ grooves provided excellent ‘bite’ to help the ball release. These new grooves are milled to be as deep as possible while conforming to USGA standards. Honestly, using the 56 degree for approach shots led to confidence as shots just landed on the green without an issue. The grooves definitely helped with increased spin.

Cleveland CG14 60 Degree Wedge: Standard Bounce, Black Pearl, Tour ZIP Grooves

As part of my second wedge from the deal from Golf Town, I replaced my older CG10 60 degree wedge. It was looking in rough shape and didn’t feel as good as I wanted it to, so a replacement was in order. I ended up buying the black pearl finish with Tour ZIP grooves, which has a black insert instead of yellow. This is one sexy looking wedge, and with my test swings at the range shots felt crisp and popped really well. I will be testing this club out tomorrow at Newlands Golf and Country Club in Langley.

If you’re looking for some decent wedges, you can’t go wrong with the CG14 line from Cleveland. These are awesome looking wedges that feel great and look awesome in your bag. You can find them for a lot cheaper compared to when they first debuted in 2007.

Click here to buy the Cleveland CG14 wedge.

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