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Odyssey Marxman Blade Putter Review

by on September 15th, 2010

One of the most important clubs in your golf bag is the one people never realize: your putter. When you think about it, making your putts can lower your handicap more than anything. This is why I decided to invest in upgrading my putter this season.

Previously I was using a Odyssey White Hot #5 Center Shaft putter. This was a good putter that helped me hone my earlier game, but I wasn’t getting the feel I wanted from it. So I decided to upgrade and found a fantastic deal on an Odyssey White Hot Marxman  XG Blade putter on Craigslist.

The Marxman series is the evolution of Odyssey’s popular 2-ball series. Instead of two round balls to line up your putt, there is a white rectangular band with black lines. It’s amazing how much this can help you line up your putts within 6 feet.

Here are some details about the putter:

The new White Hot XG Marxman Putters are the latest in revolutionary alignment design from Odyssey. With their Hi-Def Alignment System, these putters offer every possible advantage so more putts start on the intended target line. A high level of mass positioned low and deep in the head is centered on the target line, promoting solid feel and true roll for putts that track to the hole. And with our softest, most responsive insert in the White Hot XG, these putters are the perfect addition to a tour-proven alignment lineup that already includes 2-Ball and Tri-Ball® technologies. The Marxman Putters are available in mallet and blade models.

I did find that the feel of this putter was much better than the White Hot #5. I was able to putt further and learn how to control my lags much better. On top of that, the putter looks great, the headcover is nice and also there’s a large poker chip-sized ball marker (maybe it’s not meant for marking your ball–it’s huge).

I did find that the weigh of the putter head to have a nice feel, but some might find it not heavy enough. I’ve read of people adding their own weights to make it heavier. I don’t have plans to do this as the Odyssey White Hot Marxman XG gives some amazing feedback and feel. Putts from 40+ feet away are now so much easier to lag to the hole. Well done, Odyssey.

Here’s a fantastic link on why you 3-putt and how to stop it. Until next time, happy swinging!

[Odyssey Marxman]

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