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Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls Review

by on September 18th, 2009

For a bogey golfer like myself, one of the last things you worry about are the balls in your bag. Why do you say that? Well, at this point in my golf game I’m still trying to be consistent with my golf swing. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a Titleist ProV1 or a Pink Lady; if I’m going to shank a ball into the water either way I’m going to be frustrated.

However, with practice my golf game has improved. What a miracle huh? Today I’m going to review some golf balls I’ve been using recently. Have they helped my game? Find out after the review!

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls Review

I found out about Srixon Soft Feel golf balls by reading the review over at Golf Digest. Srixon’s Soft Feel balls made it onto their annual Hot List and won Gold in the category for balls under $22! I headed over to my local Riverside Golf Center in Vancouver and picked up a dozen for $20 (they will match and beat any price from a competitor, such as Golf Town). Maybe new balls would be the answer to reducing some strokes off my game?

Here are some features of the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls:

– resilient core gets progressively softer towards its center
– Pana-Tetra® blended cover delivers greater ball speed and lower spin off the driver fordistance and softer feel
– higher trajectory and greater lift force make high, long ball flight effortless for golfers of all abilities
– The “Hit Straight” alignment aid provides the clear path toward the intended target, putting more fun back into your game.
– 2-Piece Construction: Highly Resilient Soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core; Pana-Tetra Enhanced Highly Resilient Ionomer Cover

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How Did The Srixon Soft Feel Balls Feel and Work with My Game?

I have to admit that these balls were some of the first balls I’ve paid some decent money for, if that. For someone with a handicap in the 20’s, just trying to hit it straight and where I want the ball to go is a tiny victory. So for this purpose my previous balls were some Top Flytes from Costco. You can’t beat two dozen balls for $18.99!

So when I first felt the Srixons, I could immediately sense that these balls felt softer. Upon impact I could actually feel a bit more feedback especially when it came to putting and chipping around the green. What I loved best was the large “Hit Straight” alignment aid on the green. Definitely fun to line up those putts.

As for the balls shaving some strokes off my game, I do admit that playing with a decent ball off the tee gives you some greater confidence. There’s something special knowing that you paid for this ball and it’s of good quality, not some no-name brand. So you tend to play a bit better and try to keep the ball on the fairway.

I have enjoyed playing with the Srixons, even though I’m down to my final sleeve (go figure eh? Blame courses with water). I would definitely buy them again if they were on sale. But I’d also like to try new balls too and see how they fare. With so many companies out there it’s difficult to narrow down a favorite ball this early into my golf career. Expect some more golf balls reviews to come soon!

Srixon Compares the Soft Feel Balls to:
Titleist NXT®
Callaway Big Bertha
Titleist DT
Titleist PTS Solo
Precept XP3®
Nike Juice

Anyone else there using Srixon Soft Feel balls? How do you like them? Click here to learn more about these awesome balls.

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