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Wilson Smartcore Straight Distance Golf Ball Review

by on September 20th, 2009

For the beginning golfer, there’s always something new to buy. When it comes to the beginning golfer, buying balls can be very, very important. Why? Because beginners will shank and lose their balls quickly when they least expect it. So what to do? Buy balls that are as cheap as possible–but try to stick to name brands!

Wilson Smartcore Straight Distance Golf Balls: Budget Balls That Are Worthy

On a budget? Don’t count out balls from Wilson, especially some of their older models such as the Smartcores. These were available at Golf Town for the price of $19.99 for two dozen balls! Here are some specifications:

# Designed to deliver a firm response off the tee for maximum distance
# Delivers a soft response around the green for an exceptional feel
# Unique blend core creates a low spin rate off the driver to help reduce hooks and slices
# Two soft magnesium surlyn covers for distance, durability and value


How Do These Wilson Smartcore Straight Distance Balls Fare?

Upon holding these Wilson Smartcore balls, the first thing I noticed was that the dimples look different compared to the Top Flytes I was using. This ball is supposed to “adapt” to all conditions and hit nice and straight. So upon taking these balls to the course and the first tee, I was surprised that these balls were actually hitting straight on my good swings.

photo-9 photo 2-3

These discontinued Wilsons actually add some great value if you can still find them. They are a huge improvement over used balls you might still be using if you’re a beginner. These balls are not super soft (like the Srixon Soft Feel balls) as they are meant for extra distance, but I still found chipping around the green was improved. You get some nice feedback from new balls versus old bashed up ones. Find ’em if you can, as these budget balls will go a long way!

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