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Summer Golf Weather Starts This Week

by on July 4th, 2010

Here in Vancouver we haven’t had the best start to our Spring and Summer. This upcoming week, we’re looking at temperatures of the high 20s which will definitely bring some heat to your golf game.

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy and ready for your upcoming summer golf game:

  • Stay hydrated: bring your own water bottle or Gatorade to keep up with fluid loss (and to save money)
  • Bring energy bars and snacks: nuts, granola bars, whatever you may need to keep your energy levels high on the course
  • Sunscreen: it’s going to be a scorcher so be prepared; use SPF 30 or above
  • Bring a first aid kit: dealing with a blister early into your round is not a good thing. Bring band aids and more
  • A positive attitude: remember–you’re going to have a great round if you think positively instead of dwelling on any mistakes you’ve made; making mistakes is one step to improving your game.

If you’re using an iPhone, I would highly recommend downloading GolfShop GPS and Golfcard for scorekeeping. Both are well worth the price and include GPS layouts for 1000s of courses.

Where will you be playing this week? We have an upcoming round at Cordova Bay Golf Course in Victoria BC. We’ll keep you updated.

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